A wine village with heart and bullhead

Nussdorf is one of the town villages of Landau in der Pfalz and has around 1500 inhabitants. Our wine village, where 1525 the Palatine peasant war took its output, is known that people here like to “run out the Herzbennel” that means they are able to work a lot, but also just as happy to celebrate. That is why we have many wine festivals in Nussdorf which are known and popular throughout Germany:

Adventure in red on the wine adventure trail (Last weekend in January)
Nussdorfs wine festival (First weekend in August)
Bauernhaus Fest in the traditional Peasants’ War House (Last weekend in August)
Night of the open wine cellars in over 17 wineries in Nussdorf (October 2 )

The old fortress town of Landau has many epithets: university, wine and garden city, market and shopping town. In the eight districts, all over 1200 -year-old wine-producing villages, wine is grown on about 2000 acres. That’s why Landau is the largest wine producing community in Germany.

More information about Nußdorf, see the Homepage.

Wine adventure trail

Far from the usual tourist trails of the Palatinate was created – amidst the vines landscape on the edge of the Haardt – a unique project in Germany. The visitors can experience on a 1.8 km long trail of art and sound objects, embedded in the vineyard landscape, on which also the various senses of humans are addressed. You will never forget this special experience! The project was initiated by the association for quality winegrowing of Nussdorf.

The exact trail you can see on the Wine Experience Flyer.