A love for life

We Hochdörffers are really wine-crazy. For us it is more than just a job. Almost appeal. Every single day revolves completely around the vine, the grapes and the resulting wine from it. The whole family helpes, whether big or small, young or old, everyone according to his ways.


David Hochdörffer

The young winemaker has with its 21 years already one or the other top wine on his list. He learned his knowledge from an early age in the wineries of the estate. From a young age you had to keep the yard gates closed so that the young boy not illegally drove the tractor in the vineyards. Meanwhile, he has finished his practical education in the top wineries Lidy (Frankweiler / Pfalz), Georg Mosbacher (forest / Pfalz) and Salwey (Oberrotweil / Baden) and is “certified technician for Viticulture and Enology”. Since the year 2012, he is mainly responsible for the wines in our wine cellar and lets the success of its wines speak for itself.


Hans-Martin Hochdörffer

The head of the family exudes the typical Palatinate mentality: quiet, cozy and with a good dose of wit, he copes with the busy lives as a winemaker. He grabs everywhere in: delivers out wine, visiting our customers or support David in the basement. When the vineyards are in its winter sleep, he follows his great hobby: From our own orchards he burns fine brandies and creates liqueurs. He is the driving force for the continuous modernization of our vineyard by his great passion for technology. Whether the photovoltaic system on the roof of our warehouse or cooling plates in the wine tanks: He is the man with the big visions!


Lieselotte Hahn-Hochdörffer

After her practical education as a winemaker Hans-Günther Schwarz, Lieselotte Hahn Hochdörffer collected experience abroad, for example in France and South Africa. The Palatine is the first woman in the family who makes her own wine. And what she does, clearly differ from what was before. “Women taste more flavors,” she says, “maybe that’s what my wines characterize and distinguish.” And it may be that when women break with traditions of men, that they tear down a few walls and something new and good comes out. For this reason, the winemaker is also active in the network “Vinissima Women & Wine eV”.


Anna Hochdörffer

She is the princess in the family – according to the motto “Once a princess, always a princess”. During her last year at school she already represented the largest wine-growing city in Germany, her hometown Landau / Pfalz with a age of 18. In October 2011, she then stood the questions of an expert jury in the festival hall of the wine city Neustadt and won after an exciting show the crown of the Palatinate wine queen. The following year, they she could “crown” her career as a wine sovereignty and represented a year as a German wine princess the German wine and wineries in the entire world. Since she takes care of the marketing and export in the winery.