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Tradition, coupled with progress, are the two keystones upon which our family wine estate, the Villa Hochdörffer, was built. The vineyard’s foundation was laid by one of our Palatinate ancestors who increasingly focused on the cultivation of wine. What started on a small scale in those days developed into a true passion that is, today, shared by the 6th and 7th generation. The Hochdörffer family and wine are as closely entwined as the Palatinate and wine. Currently, our vineyard estate encompasses about 100 acres (40 hectares) of growing area. Many of our parcels have been family-owned for generations – which, in turn, has helped to build our strong bond with this region and its wine.

Not only do European chestnuts, lemons, figs and almonds thrive in the southern part of the world-renowned ‚Weinstrasse‘, but also the most delectable wines. The mellow landscape with its gently rolling hills, the magnificent Palatinate Forest, and even the region’s lifestyle have an air of Mediterranean ease. The Southern Weinstrasse ranks among Germany’s most innovative wine-growing areas. And that is what continues to inspire vintner Lieselotte Hahn-Hochdörffer each day to hone her craft.

House of the German Wine Princess

In the festival hall of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse on the 29 September 2012 the German wine 64th German wine queen and two wine princesses got elected out of the 13 candidates of the German wine-growing regions. Together with Julia Bertram from the Ahr and Nathalie Henninger from Baden our daughter Anna Hochdörffer got the honor to represent the German wine worldwide for an entire year.