Artistry Based on Proficiency

The exciting aroma of a young wine wafts through the vinification cellar. Here, David Hochdörffer is completely in his element. For it is in this cellar that he will complete what nature started, using the gentle, traditional process of aging. This vintner will use utmost care to bring to maturity what is nascent in the juicy grapes. This involves grape fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a monitored temperature of 20⁰C. Further fermentation takes place in wooden barrels, also known as ‘barriques’. The slow, controlled fermentation, which can take weeks, – or even months for ice wine – is indispensable for the wines’ diversity of aromas. A multi-layered aroma structure can only develop if the yeasts in the wine are active over a long period of time. For full-bodied late vintage or ‘Auslese’ wines, fermentation in wooden barrels is most rewarding. Red wines, in particular, mature in barriques and acquire the specific tone that wine connoisseurs so appreciate in rich wines.