Quality Means Following Nature’s Laws

For the Hochdörffer family, the quality of wine depends on the characteristics of the vineyard. With this in mind, she cultivates her vines naturally and in an ecologically sustainable manner. Several years ago, she began the ongoing process of re-naturalizing the vineyard soil. For water-conservation reasons, only every second vine row has been greened and, as a matter of principle, herbicides are never used. Yield reduction is her second step to improve wine quality. In order to produce rich wines, Lieselotte and Hans insists on limited pruning. Their motto: ‘Less is More’. During the so-called green harvest, at least one third of the grapes lands on the ground where they eventually form additional top-soil. The process also requires leaf trim to ensure the remaining grapes receive the optimal amount of light, air and nutrients.

David then ensures that the grapes on the vines reach their ideal ripeness. Harvesting is done mostly by hand, usually in several rounds. This an intense time since the grapes now have to be selected according to their quality. Unripe or damaged grapes are immediately eliminated; only the best advance to the wine press.


Experience meets Ambition

The family and her helpers work the vineyard with precision and speed. Harvesting is done by hand – because the ripeness of the grapes can best be judged by the human eye.