Wines – Orchestrated to Individual Tastes

‘Honoring the old, welcoming the new” – that is the family’s guiding principle. Hence, they relie on the time-tested Palatinate grape varieties such as delicately mineral-infused Rieslings or the luscious Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. At the same time, this also encourages them to develop new creations and innovations. As early as 1985, they began to focus on cultivating international grape varieties, including aromatic Sauvignon Blanc and full-bodied Shiraz.

The Hochdörffer’s art of wine-making fascinates both because of its grounded worldliness and its insightful harmony of vine and wine. Their wines are an aromatic cornucopia that showcases the typical characteristics of each grape variety, fruit-heavy with a dense structure. They are authentic, exciting and bold.

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