Legal Regulations for the Use of Internet Offers

Limited Warranty for Published Content and Information

The Estate Villa Hochdörffer has compiled this web site with the utmost attention and strives to regularly update all public information and keep the data error-free. However, we cannot guarantee absence of errors, accuracy or completeness of content. Villa Hochdörffer is not liable for any damage incurred through direct or indirect use of this web site.

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Limited Liability for the Use of Hypertext Connections / Links
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Utilization of Transmitted Content and Information

All information and content on Villa Hochdörffer’s web site and any data that has been submitted to Villa Hochdörffer’s web site are neither confidential nor protected by law. Any information or content submitted to the company may be collected, used and disseminated by Villa Hochdörffer. This does not apply, however, if any legal regulations are violated in the process.


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