Guesthouse Villa Hochdörffer

exclusive guest rooms surrounded by the countryside of the southern Palatinate Wine Route near Landau.

A venue right in the vineyard at Landau Nußdorf and directly connected to the winery. That is always also take part. At the impressive nature of the southern wine route. At the quiet rhythm of the year and the work in the field and cellar. At the unique atmosphere of traction and serenity. Anyone finding himself here, comes out of his everyday life. And is open to the rest. And for new impressions and experiences.

Our Mediterranean guesthouse is your best starting point. All guest rooms are decorated with modern, southern ambience, lots of space, comfort and beautiful, spacious bathrooms. And attentive service.

A place for connoisseurs.

Take a vacation in the countryside and still enjoy all the comforts.

Here is it never to far to the beautiful side of life. The country around is a single deli, where everything flourishes what the tongue says. The wine cellar and distillery in the same house, the winery anyway. Here you can arrange a wine tasting or take a sip. Here, in the large ground floor or on the terrace in front of it.

For breakfast, a meal or the same for a large, festive society. Here at the table all good comes together: the pleasures of the country, the southern lifestyle and personal hospitality that is the style of the house.